[News] G.NA Teaser. Point in Common with lovers Doojoon - Jinwoon? All former JYP trainees

[Newsen Lee Eonhyeok Reporter]

Singer G.NA has revealed the teaser video that she and 2AM’s Jinwoon had filmed together.

At 10 am on the 14th, CUBE Entertainment released the teaser video for G.NA’s 1st full album ‘Black & White’ on the official fan cafĂ© and other online video sites.

G.NA held an enthusiastic performance with 2AM’s Jinwoon after her debut song ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live’ music video, which she had filmed with Yoon Doojoon. Jinwoon posted a playful tweet on twitter saying “This time around, I’m Gina noona’s boyfriend?”

Before her debut, G.NA was a JYP trainee along with Yoon Doojoon and Jinwoon. The fact that these two people announce that they are transforming into G.NA’s boyfriends every album release shows the work of a long time friendship in action.

Within the 1 minute long teaser, G.NA and Jinwoon enter as lovers and a romantic atmosphere filled the air. These two people loved each other, but after breaking up, they both cried at the thought of beautiful past memories. This scene can remind one of a melodrama.

Especially in the ‘back hug’ scene, where he pulls her in warmly with large snowflakes falling in the background and happiness sinking in, viewers’ hearts become thrilled.

G.NA’s first full album will be released on music sources on the 18th.

Lee Eonhyeok leeuh@newsen.com