[NEWS] G.Na and Yoseob reveal a close selca of themselves, they are given the title ‘The Male and Female Champion of Small Heads’

G.na and Beast’s Yoseob revealed a close selca of themselves.
On the 17th of January, G.na’s official fancafe revealed a close selca of her and Yoseob. G.na and Yoseob’s abnormally small faces in the picture received a lot of attention.
The selca was taken on 13th January in Malaysia’s Stadium Negara while in the waiting room of the large scale Korean pop event Digi Live K-pop Party 2011. The duo’s small and delicate facial features revealed brilliant smiles.
G.NA and Yoseob are well known for their small face size which is jokingly said to be only ‘one tenth’ of their whole body size. They have achieved the rare golden ratio. The purpose of revealing the selca of their small faces is not to humilliate people with small faces but to show off how ‘Small Head Terminators’ look like.
Recently, Yoseob and fellow Beast member Kikwang’s small faces have become a topic of discussion. On the other hand, G.NA is well known for her ‘golden ratio’ bodyline. Her outstanding figure which is a thing of envy has long since been a topic of discussion.
Songs from G.NA’s first official album will be released at various music websites on the 18th of January at 11 am KST.
source: tvdaily, beast china
trans: yangting1302@mybeastyboys