[News] CO.ED Member ChanMi With SNSD During Trainee Days Revealed

[TVReport] The picture of an elementary student, Starlight Chanmi, a member of Coed School was revealed to attract attention.

Cable channel M-Net 'Beatles Code' showed a picture of Starlight Chanmi with Girls' Generation members when she was an elementary student during 6th grade.

This fresh and simple looking Girls' Generation members (Yoona, Seohyun, Sunny, Suyoung and Jessica) picture has attracted attention in recent internet community.

In the cable, Starlight Chanmi explained the picture "We took this picture when we were in the making of Girls' Generation members. At the time, I was younger than Seohyun who was in 7th grade".

Netizens responded in positive way as "Starlight Chanmi suits in Coed School better than in Girls' Generation", "Will feel pleasant to meet Girls' Generation members", "We expect remarkable activities as it is a late debut!" etc,.

Source:TV Report
Trans:Jay Kim