[News] Co-Ed's New Member Seo Eunkyo, Revealed !

Jeon Boram (T-ara) and his father Jeon Yeongrok is playing together in a musical. T-ara and Co-Ed member went to the musical for support.

They come on 2nd January at 6 o'clock. We found them in Mapo Art Center (Dae Heungdong, Mapo-gu, Seoul) where they are currently playing the musical "I Really Really Like You".

This musical is adapted from some teen movies in late 1970. Movies like "Really Really Don't Forget" (1976), "Really Really Sorry" (1976), "I Really Really Like You" (1978), etc.

Another casts in the musical is Im Yejin, Ca Hwayeon, Sungje (Supernova), Hyunwoo, etc. The musical will be playing until 6th February in Mapo Art Center.

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