[NEWS] The Boss member Karam gets on same plane with U-Know Yunho

The Boss member Karam was very happy because he got to get on the same plane with is ‘idol’ U-Know Yunho.

Karam ended his activity as popsicle on 23th of January, in Inkigayo and rode the plane to Japan, to continue his activities in Japan. In this plane,which made its flight on 25th and 26th of January, was moving to Japan carrying some of SM singers, who had to attend ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo’. Karam, who always mentioned that he was Yunho’s fan since before his debut, got to ride the plane together with his idol. He greeted Yunho when he recognized him on Japanese airport, and Yunho recognized Karam and chatted with him kindly.

Karam’s side mentioned that “Karam likes Yunho very much. He was very happy and said that “I finally talked to senior Yunho’ when he saw him for the first time in KBS Music Bank’s standby room
and got happy whenever he saw Yunho in broadcasting stations. Karam was very happy when he unexpectedly got on the same plane as Yunho, and felt happy as Yunho gave him a lot of advices while getting his luggages.

Karam, who posted a picture with Yunho and Changmin and proved he is a real fan of TVXQ and Yunho, will continue his activity as The Boss in Japan
source: sports choseon
credit: heeSang@AstroMAFIA.com 
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