[News] BEAUTY + B2UTY = BEUTY? The birth of a new word by Beast's Ki Kwang

On the 19th of January, Lee Kikwang from popular idol group Beast posted a picture of his ‘personal language’ on Twitter.
The words in the picture spell out BEAST and BEUTY, representing the group name BEAST and Beast’s official fan name in English, Beauty.
Fans who saw the picture pointed out to him ‘ Kikwang oppa, it’s not supposed to be BEUTY, it should be BEAUTY or B2UTY. ‘
Kikwang replied with a comment denying the spelling mistake, ‘ To everyone, I am not an idiot. Haha, I wrote it like that on purpose. The word is a combination of Beauty and B2uty, it is part of my own language, please do not misunderstand,’
Choi Daniel who acted as Lee Ji Hoon in the sitcom High Kick Through The Roof commented, ‘What did you write on? Is it a cake? Did you make it? ‘. Kikwang replied, ‘ Um, I wrote it on the snow during a break in filming, is it pretty? Haha. ‘ It showed that he still misses his members and fans even when in the midst of busy filming.
Fans left comments saying, ‘ Oppa, you are liked by so many people for a reason, Haha. Oppa is not an idiot, B2ST and B2utys will be together forever.’
The drama My Princess that Lee Kikwang is acting in takes up 20% of total viewers on Wednesdays and Thursdays, taking first place. Kikwang who plays a cute assistant chef in the drama is recieving a lot of love from his fans.

source: newsen , beast china
translation: yangting1302@mybeastyboys