TOP, a member of the group, Big Bang, along with Big Bang’s Seungri and Beast’s Jang Hyunseung revealed their story of a quarrel during their trainee days.
Beast’s Jang Hyunseung, was a singer who had spent his trainee days with Big Bang, and on the episode of SBS’s variety program “When It’s At Night, aired on the 10th, TOP revealed the situation of a quarrel between trainee Seungri and Jang Hyunseung.
In this episode, TOP said, “Because Big Bang and Jang Hyunseung used one dorm, we lived our lives together” and “At that time, when the six of us were finished with practice, we often went out to eat samgyupsal, but Daesung and Hyunseung always had the role of cooking the meat.”
Daesung and Hyunseung developed complaints as to ‘Why do we have to cook the meat while the maknae Seungri just eats?’ so one day, when they went out to eat samgyupsal, they revealed their complaints. However, Seungri said “I can’t cook meat” and expressed an unexpected reaction, and Hyunseung, now in a spoiled mood said, “Who cooks meat just because they’re good at it?” and showed a cloudy reaction. The incident happened that night at dinner, when Hyunseung and Seungri went out to buy vitamin drinks.
TOP says, “Seungri and Hyunseung arrived after a long time. As they opened the door and walked in, Seungri was holding a hand to his face and saying ‘I didn’t get hit too much’. He made punching gestures and reenacted the fight, but eventually burst into laughter.
Now fully understanding what Seungri was doing, G-Dragon and TOP, as the hyungs, scolded the two, and Daseung, who was sleeping at the time, was woken up to receive a punishment.
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