[News] Athena accident puts broadcast at risk

An on-set accident for Athena: Goddess of War has sent its lead star, Jung Woo-sung, to the hospital and has producers worried that this week’s episode might not make it out on time.

The accident has been described as a “serious car wreck” that occurred on January 23 during an action shoot. The scene involved actor Jung Chan-woo (playing Athena agent Chul-kyu) being hit by a car while trying to shoot Jung-woo (Jung Woo-sung) in an underground parking lot.
However, the car slipped during the shoot, and both actors were injured while hustling to avoid being hit — Jung Chan-woo injured his head, and Jung Woo-sung his right knee. They were taken to the emergency room for treatment.

Although the situation is still being monitored, it’s being reported that it’s likely Jung Woo-sung will not be able to return to filming right away — or possibly at all — which puts the entire production into emergency mode. The drama was unable to complete its filming for this week’s broadcast of Episode 14, which means that Tuesday’s episode may be postponed while the actors heal. Beyond that is a question mark.

Missing a broadcast due to an accident isn’t exactly common, but it’s been known to happen in extreme circumstances. In 2008, Painter of the Wind delayed a broadcast when Moon Geun-young broke her nose while filming, and in 2009, Gu Hye-sun’s car accident delayed an episode of Boys Before Flowers. In both instances, the dramas whipped up a hasty “special” to broadcast instead.

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Credits: dramabeans