[NEWS] 110129 MBLAQ Mir features as rapper for Gavy NJ

MBLAQ's Mir showed his support by featuring as a rapper. On January 29th's episode of MBC Music Core, Mir participated in Gavy NJ's 'A Cup of Latte' with a rap performance.

Mir showed off a different image from their current comeback promotions. Netizens commented, "Mir's rapping is good", "Who could this blonde-haired young man be? It's Mir", and more hot responses.

Mir has been actively promoting 'Stay' with MBLAQ lately. Their 'glitter dance' which resembles parking attendant hand signals has been gaining popularity.

Other performances on Music Core today were TVXQ, Secret, Seeya, Infinite, G.NA, Park Jungmin, Dal Shabet, Teen Tap, Mighty Mouth, Navi, Piggy Dolls, and more.

Check out their performance below!

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