[NEWS] 110102 Joo, Teaser Release... 2PM's Chansung Transforms into a "Bad Guy", Chansung

“The Baby Diva” Joo is soon making a comeback and has released a teaser clip after releasing teaser images.

The teaser clip that was released at 2:00AM on Joo’s teaser site (joo.jype.com), wherein Joo and 2PM’s Chansung’s impassioned performances last for a span 40 seconds, is a dramatic scene that captures one’s gaze. The teaser, that begins with Joo’s matured form kicking a door down and turning a bubble gun at Chansung, features the impressive figure of the alias, “Black Chansung,” who’s transformation into the “Bad Guy” is so cold that chills will run down your spine.

Joo’s album and music video will be released on Jan. 4th.
[Photo Credit=JOYNEWS24]

Source: Innolife
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org