Jonghyun answers the question, “When did you get so handsome?”

Talks between SHINee’s Jonghyun and his fans have been heating up the internet.

On a recent online community site, a post titled, “Jonghyun stop using the internet“, appeared. This captured the conversations that were carried out between the idol and his fans on a site where stars and fans can chat over text.

One fan used SBS’s popular TV drama Secret Garden’s line, “When did Kim Jong Hyun get so handsome? Was it since last year?”, to ask the singer a question. Jonghyun answered, “No. I’ve always been handsome”, making him a self-praising star.

Another fan texted, “Since always? I admit it’s true. This is why I fell in love with you”, and Jonghyun replied coolly, “I never told you to fall in love with me“, causing much laughter.

Others commented, “This is so funny. Jonghyun is cute”, “What a friendly idol! Keep talking more to us”, and “Get well soon so that I can see your face! I miss you”.

Jonghyun is so witty and cute, is there anything which is not perfect about him?

source : Nate
Credits: Forever_SHINee