[interview] P•A•S•S Magazine invite high school student reporter to interview MBLAQ

P•A•S•S Magazine invited a high school student reporter to interview MBLAQ

On the first time when the sun rises in the year 2011, I recieved an unexpected present from P•A•S•S. That is to interview the idol group who had just released their first full length album and is doing their comeback's MBLAQ.
On the 4th, I was on my way on a KTX hoping that just one step I can reach Seoul Media Center. When I reach there, I saw 5 handsome boys MBLAQ who had let their fans waited for them for 8 months and now coming back. I was so excited the first time I saw them and did not even dare to have eye contacts with them. However, MBLAQ still remains in their cheerful smile until the very end of the interview.

From now on, I shall share with you guys the surprise present I got for the New Year. My name is "Yu".
Yu: The new year had started, how did you spend your last day of last day?
Seungho: Last year on 31st Dec, we attended Jihoon hyung's "ADIEU 2010 with RAIN" concert. We also did our countdown there, and determined that "after releases first full length album, must put in even more effort in our activities." After the concert, had a celebration party with the company staffs, after the party ended, spent the remaining of the last day with our beloved family and relatives.

Yu: What are your feelings towards the full length album after debuting for 1 year and 2 months?
Joon: To say it in a sentence, it feels like we are flying. Although we didn't have any activity for 8 months, feeling really burden, however, we will put in effort for our activities like when we just started. When we weren't on any shows or have any activity, there are lots of groups with experience so we are really nervous. *chuckles*
Seungho: Because it's our activity for the first full length album, everything seems so fresh and new, compare to find out who did well, and who did not do so well. We want to have a direct confrontation with the current music field. Now, we wish to show everyone the style that only MBLAQ has.

Yu: What is so special about this full length album that the fans should pay attention of?
Cheondong: Other than the two title songs "Cry" and "Stay", Jihoon hyung also composed the song "그대여 (Darling)". This fast rhythm song enables people sing along unconsciously. The lyrics talk about a thinking of standing up again after a fall.
G.O: We also spend a lot of time practising our singing and the dance. Wishing that we could show a lot of ourselves to everyone, especially the "shiny shiny dance" that is going to be release. Please show more anticipation.

Yu: What is the most tiring event after your debut? What is the energy that enables you to overcome the fear?
Cheondong: The most tiring moment is when I caught a flu. At that time, the medicine for my flu is my energy source. *chuckles*
Mir: During the time when we did not have any activity is the most tiring. When it is in this time, every word that Jihoon hyung told me gave me lots of energy. During this blank period, the sentence that Jihoon hyng keep telling us is "You will succeed, you must believe in yourselves."

Yu: Before your debut there are lots of tiring times, as sunbaes, please give some advice to our P•A•S•S readers
Seungho: When I and a trainee, I wish to become a singer.After becoming a singer, I wish become the first in music shows. I want to wish all the people who are having dreams, please chase after your dreams and to make them come true.
G.O: Firstly, think of it and make it come true. This is the same as making scientific proofs. Imagine your own dream, then to make it come true, chase after it one step by one step, one day, it will come true.
Joon: Rather than being pull all the time, why not find what you reallt want to do? I wish all of you can find your self confidence while learning and also perform well in everything that you do.

During this 1-hour interview, MBLAQ is exactly the same as I imagined. The greatest charm of MBLAQ is that they give people relistic feelings. By meeting these 5 men who chase after their dreams and also find new dreams, I also gain new energy to keep running forward. "If I become an announcer next time, we must meet again." I had this promise with MBLAQ, keeping this promise, I will work hard. Compare to today, I look forward more to tomorrow's MBLAQ! Please look forward to the MBLAQ that went further and higher!

Source: MBLAQ China
Translated by: t00tme@MBLAQAttack.com