[Interview] JeA's star interview

BEG's Je-A who is currently having solo activities through the song "Because You Sting, regarding last year's concert at the end of year where she got a new name when she showed her exceptional clothing , revealed "Mood is very good"

"The back revealing clothes worn when standing on the stage during BEG's concert at the end of the year, was the first time showing my back" "No idea if it's because I looked not bad on that day, got labeled "Goddess like", "Je-Aphrodite", nickname. The old nickname in the past was raccoon, having a nickname like this now, if could resemble this nickname it would be good" (Je Aphrodite is a combination of Je-A's nickname and the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality)

"Je-A who released digital single following after Narsha and Ga-in, 'Because you Sting', expressed that the song this time is preparation for her official solo promotions, which will be in the next half of the year."

"Will be releasing official album next half of this year, this song is just to display before that." "It's a slow, mixed vocals duet, adding on to it is suitable to winter's leisurely feeling, so showed it to everyone first, glad to receive a positive response", "Because you sting is Je-a and boy group MBLAQ G.O's ballad duet, had hit a few top charts and thus received high recognition."

Je-a and G.O's duet were given comments such as "beyond expectation". Je-a was the one who personally chose G.O as her duet partner. "He was recommended by beloved singer Lee Jeong Yee 이정이, that's why i knew that his singing skills was outstanding", "Once i heard the song i just thought of G.O. That's why i didn't give it a second thought and told the company i wanted to cooperate with G.O. Because he was one of the boy group members, he didn't get any chances to show off his singing skills. When we met I thought he was an outstanding junior, sang well. Told him about the cooperation and he delightfully agreed, I was very happy".

After the song was released, BEG members said "The most envious thing is a duet with a guy" Je-a smiled and commented "While producing the album, after listening to the songs they would cheer me on saying 'it's really nice'. But the same comment they share is envious of me singing a duet with a guy."

Je-a had participated in MBC virtual marriage 'WGM', and gave her thought about her image as 'Big Sister 왕언니'. "Everyone said I'm cute, full of energy, don't know why I would have this kind of attitude.", "If only everyone can see me as a cute one"

Though "Because You Sting", Je-a who is preparing for her solo fixed next month as BEG's 4th album comeback. Je-a said "Now preparing for BEG's 4th album. Release an album after 1 year and 6 months, hope everyone show lots of love. What we hope to get the most is a huge award." "Second half of the year, the album which can show my everything will be released, hope everyone look forward to it" even emphasis that they will all be active in group and solo activities.

Source : Naver
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