[Interview] Dal★shabet's for TVDaily!

The 6 member group that debuted DalShabet focus receive the attention that has hit the headlines. And after the ensuing debut by DalShabet they captivated the public's attention. 

Dalshabet have unique voices to introduce themselfs as a group. Unlike the stage and in the words of these sporty and distinctive husky voice has been seen. 

Serri "The Wonder Girl & SNSD Jessica resemblance? 
Wonder Girls has become the topic of the sharpness of the doppelganger in the publican "doppelganger of the company as a family gave her my name came out. Results for members in the name and let's have fun while they wonder".

"Saying I look-a-like to Jessica surpised me a lot. Thanks you, Is an honour, and I'm very thankful" (laughter)

Colorful costumes 'shows DalShabet personality? 
"We think about 100 points of 100 points. God! there could be a reason for this to be? Every changing variety of attractive costumes showed dalshabet personality" (Laughter) 

"Every stage, every costume change as far as the mouth, and now we got everyone wondering what to do next," said Vicky.

Appearing in variety shows before their debut, what makes you stand-up with so many members?

"Dalshabet 6 of 6 colors. We are talented in so many different fields. Just like maknae Subin, trivially that the fascination headed, 22-inch waist, because want to avoid when taking pictures with members. And AhYoung she's part of the Next-generation of citizens with cute-nes, sexy and feminine, her style is made for call male fans attention, I think. Jiyul the one with innocent look. And the leader our mentor."

The members also want to have students love mind? 
*they mean if they would like to live "students live"

(Seri, JiYul, AhYoung) "yet to be notified first, because the singers of dalshabet, love the idea. I want to go out more. So I got to practice late at night" 

DalShabet members want for future activities, to listen these words "Dance, sing a song, TV Broadcasting. DalShabet is the best anywhere"

There are many things yet to learn & to do for the six girls. DalShabet's song 'Supa Dupa Diva' means the wishes of a star for upcoming future.

source: Text & Photos thanks to TVDAILY
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