[Info] Ten Best Albums of 2010

1. Lucid Fall, Les Miserables
2. Cosmos, Hanei Sky
3. Kim Kwangseok, Playing on Clouds
4. Taeyang, Solar
5. Cho Jeongchee, Minor’s Love History
6. SHINee, Lucifer
7. No Reply, Dream
8. Seo Youngdo, Random Line
9. Garion, Garion 2
10. Jeong Wonyoung, 5th album (in the order of release)

When idol groups were sweeping the whole pop world last and this year, what I felt was the enormous power of capital. You can have a starting point closer to the goal line through the power of capital. However, a considerable part of the support is more focused on improving the strength of runners than on developing the structural aspects such as rearranging tracks.

Then, what is the outcome? I dare say a side of the outcome is SHINee’s second album Lucifer released in July, 2010. Such an album and music is produced through a combination of three elements: the hardware of members equipped with good singing and dancing ability cultivated with great effort by SM Entertainment, the database of musical resources produced by top composers who knows how to make the most trendy and rational sound, and the careful preparation of A&R. Who can resist it?

In this respect, their second album Lucifer proves SM Entertainment’s unique musical sense and power along with EPs from SME girl groups such as SNSD’s Hoot and f(x)’s Nu ABO. The impact of SHINee’s second album was quite powerful with its exquisite contact point between SME’s unique musical style and a commercial appeal to the public.

Trans by jujugal

Credits: Jeong Heewoong, Oh My News