[Info] Popsicle to be in Naver Music Event

The Boss first unit Popsicle
Love you until it snows in Summer

The Boss, who has great singing skills, dancing skills and great visuals, starts their first unit group as Popsicle,
which means fruity Ice candy. Popsicle is composed of mysterious leader Mika, who has great singing ability, God face
Karam, who has a sweet voice and Fresh dance master Jay. They sing out Love You Until It Snows In Summer,a sweet and fresh love song, with
different colours!

Popsicle's new song is composed by producer An Young Min, who composed Athena OST,I love you, by TaeYeon and Couple, sung by Kim Young Jun and
Hwang Jung Eum. Love you until it snows in summer is a sweet song with sweet lyrics and lovely melody, which suits the pop trend nowadays.

Popsicle, who is predicted to bring up a syndrom in the whole south korea, will present you a romantic 2011 with their new song.

Event- Naver Music presents people who downloaded Love you until it snows in Summer with Naver Music Ticket will be given a present through
Lucky Draw.

Event Time: 13th January 2011 (Thursday) to 27th January 2011 (Thursday)
Results will come out on: 7th February 2011 (Monday) at noon
Prizes: Official calendar+ Polaroid pictures (Five person), Signatured CD (10 people)

You must fill out your personal information to participate.
Your personal information will be used by Loen entertainment for prizes.

Source: Naver Music
Translations: Hee Sang@AstroMAFIA.com