[Fancafe] ZE:A Dongjun's fancafe message

[ ham-dol dongjun] this will be my twitter from now

i’ll write here (in the fancafe) as though it’s my twitter.

i’m plastering (it all over my “twitter”) that i’m from ze:a

why? it’s because we don’t have twitter


햄톨동준] 여긴 이제 트위터 . .

난이제 여길 트위터 처럼 쓰겟다

내가 프롬 제아를 도배 하고 만다

왜냐 우린 트위터가 없으니까


***what they have though is an official group Twitter.. @ZEA_9
it's updates umuch like their me2day but better than yozm..

Take Out With Full Credit.
Translation: skipfire@EmpireChildren