[CAFE] 110117 G.NA History (Malaysia Self-Camera) @helloimys

G.NA History (Malaysia Self-Camera)

Hello. This is the administrator of G-NA.
This is the our second post after Miss G.NA's birthday...
I can’t lift my head because I am very sorry for not being able to update as much ㅠㅠㅠ heukheuk

With the start of our promotions we are planning to meet you more often~
From now on please show a lot of love to G.NA History~!^^


This time the picture we are going to show
was taken in Malaysia by Miss G.NA herself~

Alongside G.NA was another person with a very small face~
Wondering who this person is, here are the pictures right now~~

It's Yoseob from BEAST!
Looks to me like they're having a bet on whose face is smaller than whose~
Whose face do you guys think is smaller????^^

Unfortunately that is it for today ㅠㅠ

Although we didn't reveal many pictures today,
These pictures were sent by Miss G.NA herself just for her fans~
So don't be upset that it was too little~!
From now on, we are planning to reveal a storm of pictures~! Yoohoo~

Then as you all wait for the album to release tomorrow, have a nice day~!^^T/N: "heukheuk" is the sound you make when you cry.