[Video] SNSD sang their hit songs with fans on the street

Recently, SNSD were guests for the show "YaHaengSung" (Night Star Variety Show).

For a section of the show, each member took turns to "test" whether the fans knew how to sing to their hit songs.

The street was filled with fans and it was the first time there was such a big crowd.

In the end, all SNSD's hit songs made it as fans managed to sing along to all. SNSD then thanked all the fans through a window in the van. Host, Shin Dongyup then made SHINee's Onew show his face for the female fans and once Onew appeared, female fans started screaming and no screams from male fans was heard.

This was funny because when it was SNSD's turn, many male fans kept screaming but when SHINee's Onew appeared, many female fan's screams was heard instead.

Check out this hilarious scene here!

Many thanks to jujutaem718 for subbing the video.

Video: jujutaem718 via Youtube