[Video] SM The Ballad brings you a coloured MV of 'Hot Times'

After the release of 'Hot Times' MV a few weeks ago, fans have been saying that they wanted to see the coloured version of the MV as the MV was black and white in colour.

Did their wish come true?
The coloured MV of 'Hot Times' was released. It was not the official MV released by SM Entertainment, but i guess fans played around with the edits and they were able to change the mono colours back to the colour of the original people.

Are you excited to see the Hot Times MV with colour?
Here it is!

If you've forgotten, this is the original Hot Times MV released by sment.

So.... Which version do you prefer?

Credits: gyapower@YT, sment@YT
posted & edited by: Vannie@dkpopnews