[Video] Heechul, Minho and Eunseo's Love Triangle on "100 Points out of 100"?

Previously, we posted about SHINee's Minho being a Yeonsang Killer, check out the video now!

In the latest Christmas special of KBS2TV's “100 Points out of 100”(Oh! My School), a love triangle involving Super Junior's Heechul, SHINee's Minho and actress Son Eunseo was formed.

Minho and Eunseo were originally partners for the show from the first episode. Heechul came on the show as F.T ISLAND's Hongki's friend.

While SHINee's Key exposed that Minho was a "yeonsang killer" (Senior/Older Women Killer), Hongki said that Heechul likes Eunseo and wanted her to join their "Jjo Ko Bol" group, (Jjo Ko Bol is a group created by Heechul and Hongki which consists of AB Blood Type celebrities), but Eunseo isnt AB Blood Type.

Heechul then said to Minho "Your nickname is yeonsang killer...I'm a yeonha(younger) killer" causing everyone to laugh.

After that, when Heechul danced the arrow dance (SNSD's Hoot) and directed his shots to Eunseo, Minho came out and blocked the "arrows".

Check out this hilarious scene here!

Video: jujutaem718 via Youtube