[Video] Doojoon and Dongwoon release MV Teaser for "When The Door Closes"

Six member popular boy group BEAST was recently reported to be having unit activities in 3 different groups.

For 3 days starting from the 21st December, a duet song will be released at 5PMKST each day. After which they will released an additional song from their first solo concert on the 12th. These 4 tracks will be digital singles.

Out of the 3 duet songs, one of the duet songs is sung by Doojoon and Dongwoon, the leader and maknae. This song is entitled 'When the door closes'(문이 닫히면).

A few hours before the official release of their duet, BEAST has uploaded the teaser for this duet on their official Youtube channel. Watch the sweet teaser here:

The teasers show their hard work put in to produce this upcoming duet, I hope you anticipate the release of these digital singles as much as I do!

Video Credits: beastofficial@YT