[UFO] Minhyuk UFO reply – “Finally your last words more than 4 words at a time..”

[Fans] Minhyuk ah~ i was surprised when you suddenly said “Chae chae chae chaen”. Who would have thought Minhyuk has such lovely face?
[Minhyuk] kekeke See, what I said all was good~ keke
[Fans] Minhyuk ah~ finally your last words more than 4 words at a time…completely happy, reallly happy~
[Minhyuk] Seee. What I say is REALLY good kekeke
[Fans] Spent the days that were really cold with Minhyuk.  It may be cold now, but it will gradually become warmer <3
[Minhyuk] okay, okay~ it’s good to get warm kekekeke
[Fans] Does Minhyuk like the beautiful type or simple type?
[Minhyuk] um…both are different at different timesㅠㅠ
[Fans] Recently Minhyuk has become distant from noona {the writer}…say something to lessen the gap between us TT
[Minhyuk] I don’t feel that way at all…kekek keke
[Fans] Strugle with Minhyuk the one who loved by many people, hopefully over time you will continue to receive more love. hihi
[Minhyuk] keke fighting! kekeke
[Fans] Minhyuk~aa besides “thank you”, don’t you have anything else to say to Nuna? TT
[Minhyuk] How’s it going?! keke
[Fans] Recently I’ve been very busy, but no matter how busy I am, I always think of Minhyuk keke
[Minhyuk] Thank you… ㅠㅠ
[Fans] ah~ our Minhyuk sings well and performs well~ what can’t you do well? keke
[Minhyuk] no, I don’t do well on these two…kekekek
[Fans] Minhyuk ah~ it’s so cold~ tonight, don’t forget to bundle up in your covers (blanket), only leave your eyes and nose out. Got it?
[Minhyuk] I have always been like that kekeke
Credit : as tagged + CNBlue寶石″婷@baidu
Translated by lilyflower2015 & omonOona@cnbluestorm
Posted by omonOona@cnbluestorm