[Twitter] SJ's Eeteuk voted for Super Junior himself for MashableAward!

As soon as the idol tweeted, fans were shocked and at the same time excited at Eeteuk's tweet. What kind of tweet would arouse the fans? Yes, it is the fact that the idol himself had voted for Super Junior as Must-Follow Personality and Bonamana as best web video.

Fans of Super Junior member Eeteuk commented, ' I can't believe Eeteuk is also voting like us, this is such a good news!' The fans were excited and rushed to vote for their favourite idol on MashableAward.

It is still a mystery to how the idol himself manage to find out about this voting.
How did he manage to find out? Through his fan's tweets? Through the internet all by himself?

Have a guess everyone.

Full article by Ting18@dailykpopnews
Source: eeteuk's twitter