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Jap-Thai: Namhom @2pmalways | Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways | Scans by Junsu.kr


Type of girls? Living together, how do they share rooms or clean up?Being titled as “Beast idols”, which member deserves it the most….!? We have searched everything you’d like to know about them, check it out!!

Characters, cosplays 2PM Search
Beast, rabbit,chef, evil, angel, doctor ....... whose characters are they?
ViVi has prepared 6 different costoms, what will they be? Members have chosen it themselves and we reveal the real story!

WY: Chansung is a beast, his strong desire to win while playing games is unbelievable. He frequently yells “yes!” freaking scary
TY: Junho is an evil?
JH: Meaning if it is what I love then I will earnestly be determined about it even I have to hurt someone sometimes…(laughs)
CS:Junsu is a rabbit. He’s older but cute from time to time
JS: Thank you. I’ll try to be as cute as a rabbit
JH:Taceyeon is the best at cooking so he’s a chef. Tteokbokki which he made before is delicious
TY: Nichkhun is an angel
JH: Same here. It’s like seeing angel’s wings. At that moment, he was watching TV and writing something down so I asked what it was then he shyly replied “UNICEF’s telephone number”. I’ve been suggested as well but still trying (laughs)
NK: Wooyoung likes to help people so he’s a doctor
WY: Completely agree with that character (laughs)

(Caption under photo on the right side)before decorating their clothes,members are making a noise such “Rabbit is good” “Evil is not for me”. Finally they put on evil horn or place beast’s nose on theirs showing their playful side
(Next to Taceyeon standing along photo)when ask “Is there anyone who’s pleased with chosen character”Their answers synchronize “Nichkhun’s character!” but he shyly refuses “I know myself perfectly well so I’m no angel”

Part of body Proud Search
Which part of the body are you proud of?

NK: Palms
My body is not that big hence I prefer both of my arms. Their muscles are beautiful like ones of Bruce Lee that’s why I love lifting dumbbells to see them bulging. My palms are rough, they’re a man’s palms so proud!
I’m very proficient inlifting dumbbells. The reason I like it because it requires lots of strength which make me strong (laughs). I’m proud of my ears as well. It shows exceptional forms when meeting people so I love my ears (laughs)
JH:Left eye
It’ll turn tiny when smiling. Others always says “How nice. Looks like it is smiling”. I hardly understand but it’s what people say. And I’m proud of my butt! It’ll pop. Members all agree on that (laughs)
JS: Fingers
I find my hands small and been told several times that my fingers are beautiful. Maybe because of that, fingers become more useful than face in some commercial ads (laughs) Actually, I wish my shoulders would be wider because it looks manly so I’m going to strengthen it
Since I play soccer so I’m confident with my thighs. Thighs muscles bulge perfectly. Chansung often builds his muscles. If you look closely, you’ll be able to tell how well that person has trained. Chansung approves my thighs!
I often build muscles so I think my upper part of body is stronger. Especially chest, it’s thicker than usual. For facial part, I’m proud of my eyes. It expresses the feelings and I can wear contact lens easily. Still I’m not sure whether they’ll make girls fall for me…

Favorite snacks
They love eating bananas

NK: For training’s sake, we always eat banana. But actually, I prefer strawberry. I only eat strawberry flavored candies, jellies or chewing gums
TY: I don’t eat snacks. I’m the type that eats only meals to be full, period. But I often drink soda pop
JS: I like American candy "Sour Patch". It tastes pretty sour. When it comes to snacks, I and Nichkhun will become kids since we eat candies all the time
WY :I like cookies with chocolate in it. Because working out consumes much energy so some sweets are needed. But I’ll eat bananas when being on diet
JH: I love melons as a fruit and banana too. During trainingI eat it so much that I can feel its taste in my mouths now. But it’s amazing that I never feel sick of it
CS: Calories calculationis essential for exercising. Then I need to eat only what is necessary for health. Banana keeps body in equilibrium so I often have it before working out

10 points out of 10 Search
According to your single " 10 points out of 10" please tell us your special skills

NK: Piano
I learned it since 9 to 12 and quit then learned it again when I was 17. I’m good at playing Yiruma’s song, kiss the rain
I can remain under water for a long time. When shooting for diving scene, though there was an oxygen tank, I was able to remain there for 7 hours. My instructor praised “7 hours is incredible”. That’s my 10 points out of 10
JS: Singing
I’ve been into singing so I kept learning since I was young. Perhaps 6 out of points. It’s disappointing when perform “Yuki no Hana” Live in Osaka with bad condition of soar throat
I was adept in playing soccer at young age and competed in some games. But when I was in high school, I committed myself in dancing so my soccer skill is probably 5 points
Approximately 8. I got injured in bones last time so I can’t do it in our new songs, too bad. It’s a must in every songs…

I learned it when I was a kid but not anymore so sometimes I need to do some moves. 6 points out of 10 then. If there’s a chance, I’ll do it again since it’s still my favorite

Living together Secrets Search
Khun- uncle, Taek – dad, Junso–teenage son, Junsu – elder uncle , Wooyoung – mom, Chansung - kindergarten kid

Khun is an uncle who wakes everybody up or reproves sometimes such “TV volume is noisy” .Taecyeon is a dad who eats sleeps and works. Wooyoung is a role model mom who takes care of members like “turn the lights off” “go take a shower”. Junsu is elder uncle who loves making a sound “Yah~!” absurdly to show his existence. Junho is a son who’s capable to do stuffs by his own but he’s still in puberty, he always keeps his worries to himself and try to cope it alone. Chansung is a kindergarten kid. A big kid who loves to play and this is the story of happy family!

Training Advice Search
What’s your training advice?

NK: Pushing ups
I’m skinny so I won’t do something like running but emphasize more on muscles. My advice to ViVi readers is pushing-ups. Doing as much as me will be too much so just 50 times will do. Do 10 sets of 5 repetitions. At the beginning, you’ll feela bit lazy it’s ok to let your knees touch the floor

TY:Going to fitness
Isn’t going to fitness the best way for training? Previously, I’d go there at night if there were no schedules and did it for about 2 hours. All these muscles were built by lift dumbbells. But I rarely go because I’m pretty busy…

JS:Running& Muscles building
There was time that I exercised like hell; 10 mins of running to build muscles then kept on running for 40 mins and had a cup of black coffee then ran again for 30 mins. I ate only chicken breast. Run for 2 weeks in a row will make you healthier so this is my advice. But it’s hard to keep doing…

My goal is to keep body muscles in balance because it’s important for break dance. Before modeling for this kind of photoshoot, I always do push-ups including doing it against the wall. But stretching is more proper for female, isn’t it? If you work hard on it, you’ll sweat. I think stretching is enough

JH: Pushing-ups &abdomen training
I used to do muscle building routines frequently but due to my back bones injury, I run and walk instead. Personally, I like sprinting. My advice would be pushing-ups &abdomen training. You don’t have to do it as hard as men do. Move your body about 10 times a day to keep bodyfirm!


For me, I’ll do muscles-training exercise like this; shoulders today, arms tomorrow, back the day after tomorrow. My advice is jogging for about 15-20 mins. Daily eating routine is important. Don’t just eat a big meal but eat a small one every 2 or 3 hours. You won’t gain weight easily

Personal belongings Search

NK: Favorite bookmark
JH: Japanese book
WY: Bag
CS: Hat

Members have revealed their personal belongings which often are carried recently. Khun, who was born in America, loves reading English books. Junho learn Japanese during the phototshoot. When being asked about their interest in fashions, they say “Casual style since we’re tired!”

Ideal girl How to hit on her Search

NK: Buy her a cup of coffee and get down to business
My ideal girl is someone who’s cute, nice and looks pretty when smiling. She pays respect to her parents. How to get to know her…supposing it’s a coffee shop and I’m going to buy her something by saying “How about a cup of coffee?” followed by changing seat “May I join you?” and talking

TY: A meeting like in a movie
Appearance is important but personality comes first. It’s to be perfect and not flirtatious, look only at me. She should be able to handle her stuffs well! Imagine running into her in a restaurant or classroom just like in a movie “Oh! I’m sorry” and kindly say “Let me buy this dirty shirt”

JS:No tactics for me!

My type is a girl with smiley face and she has to be constant in love. If I really fall in love, I’ll frankly say “Excuse me, I’d like to know your telephone number. Could I have it?” That’s what I’m going to say, no tricks nor tactics (members barge in "This is weak…way too weak!)

WY:Because of her voice, I like her
I’m shaken by girl’s voice. Not that special or anything, just something that I feel good when we talk. If she has that kind of voice then….i’ll go to convenient store to buy bottles of both hot and cold coffee and drag her along then ask “Which one would you like?” finally talk

JH: No giving up if I like her

She has to be a follower. I have no ideal appearance since my type keeps changing it means whatever, I’m fine (laughs) If I do like herthen… there’s Korean proverb “Where there's a Will, there's a way”There’s no giving-up if that is what my hearts chooses

CS: Girl with pretty eyes is my type
My type is a girl who talks brightly and has innocent eyes. To be close to her, first I’ll ask “what’s your name?” and start the convo with “where do you live?” “How old are you?” “You’ve got pretty eyes” finally ask her phone number….something like that! (feelingembarrased)

Sharing a rooms

room 01♥Taecyeonx Junsu
room 02♥Khunx Chansung
room 03♥Wooyoungx Junho

This is how rooms are shared ;TaecyeonxJunsu, KhunxChansung,WooyoungxJunho. Wooyoung and Chansung don’t sleep in their rooms but on the floor in the living room. Sometimes sleep in Khun’s bedroom because it’s filled with the scent of aroma which relaxes the body. Too many stuffs in Taecyeon and Junsu room, it’s impossible for 2 beds to fit it so they have to share 2-storey bed instead. Taecyeon sleep on the 1ststorey while Junsu has the 2nd one. Taeceyon has no free space to his own but it’s not a problem

Taking a showOrder Search
We don’t take a shower together (laughs)

Khun gets up first so he takes the shower first followed by Wooyoung then somebody wakes another up saying “Go take a shower!”. But when we ask if they do it together, they strongly say “No!!!!!!!!! it’s not gonna happen”

Behind the scene Video
http://vivi.tv (click)

We ask them to say their favorite Japanese words for they’ve just learned Japanese. We’re really excited about it. They try so hard! Finally their messages to ViVireaders, go check it out! Available both on internet and mobile phone

Page 3: Jap-Thai: Jujang @2pmalways | Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways

TY: Hello all ViVi readers. We officially debut in Japan this time. I’m feeling so happy. Korea and Japan are different so I’m kinda nervous about how the reaction towards our music and performance is going to be
CS: We’re called “Beast Idols”. The remarkable characteristic is manly stage performance. I’m glad that it’s going to be showedeventually
JH : It’s never-seen-before image of Japanese idol thus I wonder how the response will be. Not nervous just curious with hope hidden deeply inside but I have confidence!

- How did you become part of 2PM?
WY : Besides Nichkhun, we joined JYP auditions to become parts of the team. Taecyeon, Junho and Chansung joined and passed the audition the same year which is 2006
CS :Junho won the 1st place. For me and Taecyeon, it’s a secret (laughs)
NK: I went ot Korea Music Festival with friends in U.S.A and was scouted so I came to Korea for the 1st time. I’ve been learning Korean thenceforth with members around, I don’t have any feeling of loneliness
JH : Meaning he’s a wonderful member (laughs)

- Please say something to our readers
JS : I’m happy to be on this popular magazine where there’re plenty of nice people. Very surprised
WY: Dying to read our interview in this magazine! Not as a singer but a reader of the magazine
NK: We’ll work hard for the debut so support and give us love
TY: They’ve said it all, nothing’s left for me to say (laughs) Dear ViVi readers, see you inJapan!

Captions under photo

Top left :
Top : During shooting, a cute and cheerful chatterbox, Junho
Middle : Calm Junsu is suitable to be a leader
Bottm : Junsu and Nichkhun are giving an interview. Junsuhumbly says [his singing ability is 6 out of 10]Nichkhun disapproves [beyond 9 points!]

Top right :
Top right and top left : Taecyeonenthusiastically poses for exercising set showing his callus on his palm caused by working out
Middle : Everybody is amazed by Wooyoung’s muscles
Bottom : Nichkhun’s biceps when lifting dumbbell is a focus of public attention

Bottom right :
Right : Wooyoung is doing an interview seriously. He looks smart
Middle : Serious youngest member, Chansung even when he signs his autograph on polaroid photo!
Left : Taecyeon is very lively. He keeps talking eagerly to staffs in japanese which he has just learned
He with glasses is so cute