[TRANS] 101222 2PM Oricon Japan Special Interview

2PM "Beast Idols"
Special Interview
A Thorough Analysis of 2PM's Appeal!

On the day after their first Japan Concert, we carried out an interview. During their tough schedule, each member courteously answered our questions one by one. Because of their looks full of manliness, flawless physical beauty, and the high grade performances they give, at first glance, they give an impression of being cool and unapproachable. However, the nature of these six men is one of pleasant youths, exceedingly openhearted and modest and overflowing with humor.

The Members Reveal! Each of Their Characters

From the other members’ point of view, what is each one’s strong point or most attractive feature?!

Please tell us the strong point or most attractive feature of a member.
Junho: Taecyeon is really a man amongst men! He makes good on his promises! When he’s struck with an idea, he immediately does it!

He sure is a trustworthy person!
Junho: His (outer) appearance is as trustworthy as the inside! And he has leadership qualities.

What about Nichkhun?
Nichkhun: (clearing his throat) *cough, cough* (Laughs).
Taecyeon: Nichkhun’s outer appearance and his inside match. From his appearance, he gives off a feeling of having manners, seeming kind and gentle, right?

Yes, he sure does.
Taecyeon: He’s like that on the inside as well. He’s really a person whose inside and outside are uniform. He is incredibly considerate; he’s always worrying about the members.
Nichkhun: (In Japanese) Thank you.

What about Chansung?
Wooyoung: His appearance is very manly and he seems tough but Chansung is immensely abundant in sensitivity. As a person who watches movies by himself and cries, he comes complete with sensitivity. Moreover, his ability to concentrate is incredible; he’s a person whose strong point is that once he decides to do something, he’ll be thoroughly immersed and he’ll see it through to the end.
Chansung: Thank you for saying such nice things about me.

As for Junho?
Taecyeon: Junho is manly and very cool. Whatever he does, he does it to the very end. He possesses strength of will and he’s a person who becomes everyone’s role model.
Junho: (Japanese) No, not so at all (bashful laugh).

Well then, what is Wooyoung’s strong point?
Junsu: He’s got sense, right? His gag sense is especially amazing!
Wooyoung: (Japanese) No, not so at all.
Junsu: Wooyoung’s personality is similar to mine. Even though I’m older, when I come in contact with someone younger than me, I easily assimilate [their behavior] (Laughs).
Wooyoung: I’m sorry….
Junsu: But when we’re together, the mood becomes incredibly fun.

In contrast, how is Junsu, from Wooyoung’s point of view?
Wooyoung: His strong point? U~m (Pretense of being worried)…. He doesn’t have one.
Everyone: (Laughs)

Huh? (Laughs)
Wooyoung: It’s a joke, of course!
Junsu: Every time he does that, everyone livens up.

Nichkhun: I have one! Junsu’s strong point is that he is immensely skilled at singing!
Wooyoung: Singing as well as dancing, he can do anything skillfully.

An area of the other members that you want to fix….

Conversely, is there an area that you want to fix? Is there such a thing as being too perfect?
Taecyeon: Rather than perfection, I’m resigned to everyone['s flaws].
Nichkhun: I get up early so it’s my duty to wake everyone up everyday but really, none of them get up early (laughs).
Chansung: He’s the type to be okay even if he doesn’t sleep much.

By the way, about how many hours do you usually sleep?
Nichkhun: About 5 hours. But, on days off, we sleep for about 7 hours.

Do you wake up even without an alarm clock?
Nichkhun: [The alarm clock] always chimes but I get up before that. I wake up about 5 minutes before the set time.

In contrast, is there a person who is bad at waking up? Who is the person that doesn’t wake up even if shaken awake?
Nichkhun: (Points finger) It’s Chansung.

Do any of you have difficulty falling asleep?
Chansung: Maybe because my ability to concentrate is excellent, I become unable to sleep at night (laughs).
Junho: He’s slow at sleeping in itself, don’t you think?
Junsu: I’m good at waking up but I can’t get up immediately. I always squirm around in my bed for about 10 minutes. Even if there’s something to do, I always squirm and squirm… I’m probably a little scatterbrained (laughs).

Is that so!?
Junsu: No, it’s a joke (laughs).

Source: Oricon Japan Official Website
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org