[Sharing] My favourite female idols! Who are your favourite female idols??

Usually i do not have much time (holidays recently) to blog and contribute on DKPOPNEWS as frequent as these few weeks.

Still hoping to make DKPOPNEWS as interactive as possible but a bit disappointed looking at the comments received on our blog,well,i think we should improve together,we will try to ask more questions and you will answer on the comment box provided.

Well,for today's topic,since i am a male,i would like to gather opinions from you guys on your favourite female idols.Of course i will list out  my top 3 favourite female KPop idols here,kindly take a look at my favourites below.

1.SNSD's Kwon Yuri

Well,i like cute girls,but many told me that Kwon is one of the hottest in SNSD,why choosing her as my favourite?There is no reason for this,i just could not get my eye off her for the first time watching "Into The New World" MV,many of you will understand my situation right?

Yuri's aegyo

2.KARA's Seung Yeon

The first time for me to watch KARA's LIVE performance way back in 2008,when Goo Hara and Kang Ji Young just joined KARA as a 5 members group,the girls were promoting "Rock You" during that time.

Among the 5 pretty girls performing on stage,SeungYeon caught my attention the most.In my opinion she is the cutest among the members,many have been comparing her to a hamster,but in my opinion,she is cuter than it.

3.f(x)'s Sulli

Last but not the least,i guess you really realise that i like cute girls so much.

Sulli is the representative of "cuteness" in KPop and that's the main reason for me to become her big fan,men's hearts flutter seeing her wink...I mean Chu...^ ^

Well,i have shared my favourite female idols here,it's time for you to share yours too,leave your comments on the comment box below,thank you!!