[RUMOUR][Video] Did SNSD's Jessica get molested?

Recently, SNSD performed at the Korea China Song Festival on 2nd December.

A Fancam that was posted today on Youtube is causing a big commotion among SONEs. Nothing is comfirmed but fans are saying that Jessica got molested by an old man judging by the Fancam. But some felt that nothing really happened.

The reason why fans are thinking that Jessica got molested was because: After Jessica finished her speech at (0:46). Jessica whispered to Hyoyeon who was standing beside her and changed her standing place with Hyoyeon. After hearing what Jessica whispered (0:51), Hyoyeon had a shocked expression and she glared at the man. Then Jessica goes on telling Sooyoung and she didnt seem to have a good expression after that.

Please note that NOTHING is COMFIRMED!

Check out the video here.

Video: bansairamen via Youtube