[Recaps] 101204 Taecyeon and Nichkhun Highlights in MISUDA


Recap by Janne @2pmalways Eng - Thai by Mim@ 2pmalways.com

Taec said Oh, actually.. I dont know if, speaking of purely physical terms, people call us Beast Idols, but really Im quite timid. Im not really able to express myself in front of the person I like and stuff like that. The MC exclaims, So thats why you were all shy around me before! And Taec plays along, pretending to be bashful and giggly. The other MC asks, So, Nichkhun, do you see this as true? and Khun says, To me.. This is the first time Ive heard this.. Taec playfully shoves him on the shoulder with his teeth clenched, saying Yah~/Hey~

When everyone is answering a quiz, after Taec explains the answer hes written, one of the other female panellists, a Korean announcer, claps and suddenly shouts out Yes, thats the correct answer~ Taec appears wide-eyed in disbelief, and he and Nichkhun ask, Really?! Of course, it wasnt.. And the MC claims that her sudden joke is a result of 2PM Syndrome. Again, when Nichkhun explains his own answer, the same person (Lee Sun-young) pipes up with, I think what he said the right answer.

Later, one of the MCs ask Nichkhun In Thailand, what kind of guy is considered masculine? Nichkhun explains Oh, actually, thats changed a lot in Thailand. Before, it used to be kind of like Taecyeons style slightly manly, and tough-looking (Taec makes some playful fighting gestures) but nowadays its something more like pale-skinned…” as he drifts off, everyone starts pointing at Khun, and the audience laughs, and the MCs have to encourage him to go on. Khun carries on, saying, Its more of a flower boy trend.. So recently in Thailand Korean celebrities have become quite popular. Goodlooking, (Khun looks behind him to see Taec facing him with his hands towards Khun) tall, kind of pretty..

Khuns ears start to turn red at this point, and Lee Sun-young asks him, Whos the most popular? Khun hesitates, saying Umm.. uh…” and everyone is pointing towards Khun again, and the MCs pretend to get fed up, saying Lets just get this over with already! and Hurry up! - Khun quickly answersLee Junki-ssi. Hes really popular.

The MC asks how popular Nichkhun is, and he responds, Me, Im just.. in the middle. The audience makes a sound as if they dont believe him and the MC claims that Khun falls under all those categories he mentioned. White, tall, flower guy, a celebrity working in Korea.. A male celebrity accuses him,(Be truthful), Lee Junki was just a guy you thought of from the top of your head, right? Khun appears to laugh off the question, but then answers with a short Yeah.. causing everyone to crack up laughing. Then each of the regulars talked about the kind of guy that is popular in each of their countries, and everyone made comparisons to Taec whenever a masculine guy was mentioned he even mimicked one German actors expression in a photo, and later commented, Ah, we should head out to Europe! (Meaning 2PM should debut there) Ill work hard!

The show also talked about complexes that Korean people tend to have, and the issue of slipsoles came up. Taecyeon said that he and Nichkhun didnt use them BUT there is a 2PM member that does. He didnt reveal who it was.. Except that his nickname was the broadcasting guy.. ;)

Taec claims that his complex is that he cant do stretches because he isnt flexible, and it makes it harder for him to dance or do acrobatics, as he injures himself often. He even tried putting vinegar into his diet for a month but it didnt work. Khun hesitantly said that his own complex was not being able to put on weight. He explained that since eating heaps didnt work, he had to work out a lot more in order to keep from being scrawny. Also, Nichkhun wrote down face size as his answer to the question As seen by foreigners, what is the #1 complex of Koreans?. As he was about to explain, Lee Sun-young asked the cameraman not to get a two-shot with him, proving his point. Khun said hed never considered his face size before coming to Korea as no one told him about it, but since he came to Korea he got annoyed for a while because people were coming up to him and holding their fist out at his face (to measure face size!) without even introducing themselves.

Taec revealed that he wasnt good at football although the MCs assumed we would be, judging from his looks. Taecyeon innocently claimed that in America, before coming to Korea, I never thought that I dressed badly. It never even crossed my mind, and nobody told me that either. But, when I first came to Korea as a trainee, everyone at the offices asked me, Why do you dress like that?!’” Khun said that he had something to say, and told Taec Your friends in America are quite mean! (not telling him) Taecyeon asked, Why do people think its funny when I wear orange pants in Korea? and everyone laughed.

The answer to the last quiz turned out to be Lack of confidence in speaking English and Taec told a story about the 2PM members. Since Nichkhun and Taecyeon speak to each other in English quite often, the other members also join in and interrupt because they want to learn English. Even if they get it wrong, they just keep going anyway. But when there are actually white or black people visiting the office from overseas, for example, they all go really~~~ quiet. Taec and Nichkhun mimicked how they act in front of blue-eyed people, saying that they depended on them shyly. Taecyeon said that the members understood the language, but couldnt speak it because they were shy about it.