[News]Super Junior’s Sungmin donates 1.5 tonnes of rice to disabled people

Super Junior Sungmin who is acting in the KBS Wed-Thurs Drama “President” has donated 1.5 tons of rice to Dongjakgu Disabled People’s Workshop.

Sungmin’s donation of 1.5 tonnes of rice comes from the rice baskets given by Sungmin’s fans from 7 countries to cheer him on during the press conference of KBS Wed-Thurs Drama “President” at Ramada Seoul Hotel held on the 9th.
Sungmin’s fans from South Korea, China, Thailand, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia gave rice baskets as gifts to congratulate and cheer on Sungmin for his first acting stint and to hope for good drama ratings. At the end of it, the rice was sent to help the needy.
The rice was sent to Dongjakgu Disabled People’s Workshop. This is the place where Sungmin and his fans have been helping and volunteering for many years. Dongjakgu Disabled People’s Workshop’s President Lee Yong Ho said, “Super Junior Sungmin’s charity acts that are fitting of an idol star’s actions are very touching. We will help to actively promote “President” so that Sungmin’s drama will have a good ending.” He also expressed his gratitude to Sungmin’s father who helped in the transportation of the rice (to the workshop).
Sungmin’s active participation in volunteer work is due to his parents’ influence. In 2009, in conjunction with the Green Coalition, Sungmin’s father donated the administrative procedure fees for Sendbill (the name of Sungmin’s father’s company), which deals with electronic tax invoices, to the Green Coalition administration, and Sungmin’s mother had been quietly volunteering in the past 20 years. Sungmin’s father sent the 1.5 tonnes of rice from fans to where it is needed. Residents who received it said, “We’re thanking Sungmin’s fans with tears, we don’t really know how to explain these feelings we are experiencing. Through the drama “President”, something good will come out of the fans’ actions.”
The drama “President” shows the entanglement between people’s pain and their hidden ambitions for power, this KBS2 Wed-Thurs drama will be showing its first broadcast on the 15th at 9:55PM. At the press conference, Sungmin’s fans from 7 countries sent up to 70 rice baskets to cheer on the drama, totaling up to 1.5 tonnes (of rice), attracting the attention of everyone present.
Source: Daum
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