[News]Rejoice Shinhwa Fans, Kim Dongwan Has Returned!

Singer Kim Dong Wan (31) It's been 2 years; group Shinhwa wants to stand together on stage again in 2012

Kim Dong Wan was released from military service today December 7 at 10:00 AM at the Seodaemun office where he has been serving as a public service officer. Today at the press conference Kim Dong Wan stated, "We members have talked and in 2012 we want to stand as Shinhwa once again. Currently Jun Jin and Min Woo are serving as public officers and Andy is serving active."

When Kim Dong Wan was asked who from the Shinhwa members congratulated him, he stated "We didn't celebrate. We talked about different things. Eric asked me in the future if I want to act."

He was also asked what he wanted to do right after his release and without hesitation he replied, "Being on stage is what I want to do more than anything."

Finally, "I can't forget to thank my fans. I will work very hard. I have activities in Japan at the end of the year. Because I'm still not active with Korean activities, I decided to go to Japan first. Sooner or later, I will be active in Korea. With a laugh he added, "I will work hard to impress you."

Today the front entrance of the Seodaemun office was crowded with anxious fans that waited just to see Dong Wan's face. Close to 300 local fans, as well as, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, even from Brunei, gathered outside the office, once again proving his popularity.

He has signed a contract with Liveworks Entertainment where he will immediately start on local and overseas activities. On December 9th, Kim Dong Wan will hold a fan meeting at 8:00 PM at the Sangmyeong Art Center Hall. Followed by the release of his solo Japanese album titled "Kim Dong Wan Japanese Premium Best" on December 15th. He will also hold a fanmeeting on December 18 in Tokyo, Japan

Source: KUKI News
Translation: Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz