[News]Kim Dongwan "Group Showers, Cleaning Snow, Those Memories Will Last"

"While in basic training I still remember group showers. I also remember snow cleaning on the streets in Shinchon. These two years were meaningful times in my life."

After being discharged on December 7th, member of Shinhwa, Kim Dongwan held a fan meeting at the Sanmyeong Art Center where at a press conference he talked about serving two years in the military.

Dongwan worked as a public officer in the gym of the Seodaemun office. "Cleaning snow on the subway station across from Yonsei University, watching the sunrise of the west gate of mountains of Seodaemun, also sharing the soap and holding each others towels while taking group showers were a new experiences to me," he stated.

"These two years I spent meaningfully and quietly. In my spare time I would watch Japanese dramas and listening to Japanese music. Also I went to school to take Japanese language classes. Also I would get up by 7 am and start working by 8 am. At times I would have work at night time. A lot of things changed. With the mayor's permission I was able to travel abroad and even took a vacation to Spain."

Dongwan also adopted the hobby of photography. He released his photos of his trips, to Chung Town, Fuji Mountain, and Spain, pictures he took with his DSLR Camera. "Korea also has a lot of scenery everywhere. I would like to promote South Korea's beauty in a photobook," he stated.

"During Shinhwa's debut times I took many group pictures, for the members hold a special affection. We have been together for over 12 years, and we have many meaningful memories together. During the release of our 1st album we really enjoyed the local events. When all the members complete their military service in 2012 Shinhwa will definitely reunite again. Eric along with Minwoo are producing music for Shinhwa to stand once again in 2012. I have worked as an actor and also as a solo singer but I have to admit, I feel 100% complete as a solo artist but on stage I was feeling half empty. So I want to stand on a stage as Shinhwa again," he stated.

After finishing up his fan meeting he will be heading to Japan. On December 15th, Dongwan will release his first solo Japanese album titled "Kim Dongwan Japan Premium Best" followed by a fan meeting in December 18th, in Tokyo, Japan.

Dongwan added "After finishing my promotions in Japan, I will come back to work in Korea as an actor, first. I wish to be offered to role of Ji Jin Hee in 'A Man Who Can't Get Married'. Next year in January I will meet you all again via broadcast".

On the fanmeeting day Kim Dongwan presented his fans with songs from his 1st album "Truth" and from his second album "Secret". He also sang a special Shinhwa song arrangement of "The Girl on the Second Floor", receiving lots of applause and cheering from his fans.

Source: Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz