[News]Dream High Cast Speak of Encounter with Bae

The actors of the new KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama series "Dream High" shared their first impression of top star Bae Yong-jun, who is producing and also acting in the drama in the role of a school chair.

On "Happy Together Season 3" on KBS 2TV Thursday, the MCs asked the cast members, "Someone like Bae is a mystery celebrity. What was he like in person?"

Actor Kim Su-hyeon said, "I was nervous about my first meeting with him. I thought he'd be a mild, gentle person and he would greet me this way. But he looked very tired when we met. He was very down-to-earth and humble."
Eom Gi-jun said, "I addressed him honorifically in my first encounter. I introduced myself and he said casually, 'I've been looking for you. Where were you?'"
MC Park Myeong-su said, "Your conversation is different from others. Maybe he was looking for you to have you run an errand."

Lee Byeong-jun said Bae politely respected him as a senior and he was overwhelmed by his manners. Lee said, "Bae must've been confused. He asked me if we worked together before and I said no and he seemed a little taken aback."
Actress Lee Yun-ji said she met Bae when she was in high school before her debut, "I once met him ten years ago. I was in my school uniform and Bae asked me if I'd like to become an actress, and then he immediately told me not to become one."

Others testified to Bae's consideration of others. Lee Byeong-jun said, "He lets others shoot first and he always remains to the very end."
Lee Yun-ji said, "His popularity made sense to me when I saw him bring a heater to warm the other cast."

Writer: TV Report
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