[News] YG Releases all new plans for Big Bang and it’s sub-units for 2011!

1. GD & TOP album’s title tracks future promotional plans?

•GD & TOP will promote 5 songs from the album.

•Firstly they will promote 3, “High High”, “Knock Out” and “Oh Yeah”

•From mid January on they will promote “Don’t Go Home” and the “Intro”.

•A music video for “Knock Out” will be on January 3rd by the same director who did G-DRAGON’s “Heartbreaker”

2. “Seungri” and “Big Bang album” schedule plans?

•Seungri will release a mini-album not a digital single.

•Seungri will release a single on January third and hr mini-album is expected to drop in January 13th for which he composed and wrote.

•Big Bang’s new album release date will be announced later on through the blog but because plans changed and the album was postponed for about a month to give GDTOP & Seungri time to promote.

•Big Bang will have a Japan tour next year in April.

3. Big Bang’s BIG SHOW 2011 plans?

•Next year, on February 25, 26 and 27 over 3 days thry will hold BIG SHOW 2011 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

4. Big Bang’s tour dates in Japan?

•From May to June concerts in Japan will be held.

•From July to September, they will be back in Korea with another new album.

•From October until November, they will continue activities in Japan.

(source: ygblog translated: alee @ ibigbang)