[News] There’s a strong possibility that a special feature on "The Fugitive Plan B'' will be aired next Thursday

There are 3 more episodes before KBS 2TV drama "The Fugitive Plan B'' ends.

Its 18th episode was recently pre-empted by the Guangzhou Asian games final, which has caused a setback in the programming schedule. As a result, the drama was originally supposed to go off the air on Thursday, but it is in a very embarrassing situation where it has to end on Wednesday.

The drama production said about this on November 29th, "This week's episodes of the drama will go ahead as original, on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. The matter that is about whether a special feature on the drama is broadcast next Thursday, is under discussion."

According to this official, if the special feature will be aired, it will contain material of the drama's making film, NG cut, the undisclosed scene of the overseas shooting, etc.

credit to Newsen
Brief translation by rain bird.