[News] T-ara's Indian Girl Dance: Adorable

7-member girl group T-ara made a brilliant comeback stage.

On December 3rd, T-ara made a comeback on KBS2TV's Music Bank with tracks 'YaYaYa' and 'Why Are You Like This?'.

Wearing white jackets with sparkling accents, T-ara opened up with a sexy look with 'Why Are You Like This?'.

They then performed 'YaYaYa' in their Indian Girl costumes sporting a cute look. With its addictive melody, arrangement, and unique lyrics, T-ara came back with a fresh dance-pop routine.

This comeback is more special because it is the first performance as a 7-member girl group, with the recent addition of 17-year old Ryu Hwayoung.

Source: star.mt.co.kr
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Translated by: Elly @ Diadem