[News] Sungmin challenges crying scenes, received praises for blending into character well

Super Junior member Sungmin took on a challenge of drinking wine and weeping acting scene, attracting everyone's attention.

Sungmin, who shows people the image of gentle and well-behaved side of him, has photos of him sitting in a dim bar drinking and crying at the same time released, what happened to Sungmin aroused the curiosity of netizens. It turns out that it was the first episode of the newest KBS TV drama 《President》. In the drama 《President》, Sungmin acts as President Jang Iljoon's (played by Choi Soojong) son. He will help prepare his father to run an election while feeling lonely and pain at the same time. Jang Sungmin (Played by Sungmin) is studying his fourth year in the University of Korea, and because he grew up like seedlings in the greenhouse, so his character is just as weak, and often feels inferior to his father who is as high as a mountain*. In order to show his tough side to his father, he put a lot of effort into his father's campaign, but never got any good end results thus feeling really pain.

In this scene which shows the character's traits is Sungmin's first crying scene challenge. Sungmin expressed "To drink wine and cry at the same time, it feels stiff like there's burden. That's why I'm putting in effort to understand why Jang Sungmin, how much pain (does he have). To really (get) into this role, realize his grievances, then the tears will flow out naturally."

At the recording, a staff member reveal "This kind of crying scene aren't easy to act out, but in a moment Sungmin was really pulled into the role, when his tears filled with pain rolled down we were all surprised. In addition, he has been consistently asking his seniors for advice, his enthusiasm towards this drama and acting is really amazing!" this deeply evoked the audience's expectations towards Sungmin's splendid performance in the drama.

《Fugitive Plan.B》's slot will be taken over by 《President》, which will talk about the South Korean presidential election and is full of realistic drama and political themes, it is scheduled to air on the 15 of this month.

* meaning high up like superior not height
source: koreastardaily
translation: callinginsane@sj-world.net
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