[News] SM The Ballad Jino's Pre-debut photos surprises fans

A new artiste from SM, JINO, whom participated in “S.M. The Ballad Vol.1” surprises fans with his pre-debut photos.

Jino is a SM Trainee who was the winner of the 2008 SM Everysing Contest. Ever since then, he has been going under training until now, debuting as "SM The Ballad" together with his seniors, Jay from Trax, Jonghyun from SHINee and Kyuhyun from Super Junior.

This was Jino when he was in 2008, winning the 2008 SM Everysing contest.

And 2 years later, debuting as a member of SM The Ballad.

Look at the differences:

The fans were all very surprised by the change of him, commenting things like:
"I wonder how much weight he've lost"
"The change is BIG!"
"I can't believe he changed so much! He's so adorable now!!!"
"oh wow jino nice transformation."
"He looks so nerd then"
"I really do love the pureness exuding from Jino. That's probably the best to describe him. And of course, his adorable bright smile. It's a pretty big change from pre-debut though."
"It doesn't matter as long as he's cute now!"

Although the change is great, his voice is indeed something that hasn't changed.
Here is a pre-debut Jino singing. Although the video is low quality, you can still hear him.

He had great vocals since back then, SM sure knows how to spot talents.

Anyway, here is a message of Jino to his fans, written in the photocard of "SM The Ballad"'s album.
"I’m a new artiste, JINO, whom participated in “S.M. The Ballad Vol.1”. I feel very honored to be able to debut with my seniors. No matter when, I will be humble and keep learning. Though I’m still not good enough, please give much love to the teenager, JINO, whom loves singing and also “S.M. The Ballad Vol.1”!!"

Do you agree that the change is big too?

Credits: ohmonatheydidnt
Written & edited by Vannie@dkpopnews