[news] SISTAR member Hyorin takes the fall on their comeback performance in Music Bank

SISTAR member Hyorin recently had a mistake when she fell during their comeback performance. They recently had their comeback stage for their third single "How You Dare" on KBS "Music Bank".

They performed two songs, "over" and "How you dare". SISTAR showed off a powerful performance with high heels and tight clothes showing a more mature and sexy image on stage.

However, when they performed "Over" Hyorin slipped and fell on stage. Despite being embarrassed over her mistake, Hyorin was strong enough and quickly rose and performed in stage successfully finishing the performance.

Hyorin showed even more determination when they performed "How You Dare", she showed professionalism despite her mistake on stage. Meanwhile, with the lyrics of their song revised, it has passed reconsideration to be performed on KBS.

Source: Nate
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net