[news] Sidus HQ rep Jung Hoon Tak in controversy about swearing at JYP

IHQ Jung Hoon Tak representative has sparked a cussing controversy by being known as having poured biting swear words at 2PM's company, JYPE representative Park Jin Young.

Jung Hoon Tak representative left a short message on his Twitter on the 10th of December that seemed to target Park Jin Young. This message garnered netizens' eyes by directly giving humiliation to Park Jin Young.

[omit twitter summary, which has been translated here]

Jung Hoon Tak representative's actions seem to be resulting from Park Jin Young having taken place in KBS 2TV 'Win Win's filming on the 9th. It has been known that on this day, Park Jin Young had mentioned celebrity Park Jaebum, who had been thrown out of JYPE and had become a celebrity belonging to Sidus HQ.

According to netizens that had reportedly taken part as the live audience in 'Win Win', Park Jin Young, in the 'Win Win' recording, had said the following things about Park Jaebum's withdrawal, "The situation the company declared is true. Other than that, I have nothing more to say since I've said the truth", "I don't regret the expulsion of Park Jaebum".

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