[News] Shining SHINee to release new single on the 13th December (Tomorrow!)

Yes, it has been officially announced, that boygroup SHINee would release a single on the 13th December.
We don't know about the title yet, but we'll be sure to know about it tomorrow.
They'll continue to bring in surprises for their fans.
This is sure a surprise that fans are too happy about it, and it's only tomorrow, making fans even more excited.
Also, it's SHINee's dorky leader birthday on the 14th December, so this brings in double happiness, making the fans happy for 2 days!^^

Are you excited about SHINee's release of single tomorrow?
Stay tuned to DKP as we'll update more about it!

Credits: SHINeeOnewWorld & monkey3
posted by vannie@dkpopnews