[news] Shinhwa Kim Dongwan donates 12 million KRW to Yeonpyeongdo residents

Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan has made a donation in aid of Yeonpyeongdo residents who were affected by the recent North Korea attack on the island.
A source close to Kim Dongwan said that on 3rd Dec, Kim Dongwan made a donation of 12 million KRW (approx USD10,500) to the South Korean Red Cross, to help the residents of Yeonpyeongdo who were affected by the shelling.

Kim Dongwan enlisted for military service in 2008 and has been serving as a public service officer at the Seodaemun District Office. He will be discharged from his duties on 7 Dec.

Upon his discharge, he will kick off his return to showbiz with the release of his solo album “Kim Dongwan Japan Premium Best” in Japan and also holding a fanmeeting in Tokyo on 18 Dec.

Credits: TV Daily + Absolut Shinhwa