[news] Rain Wraps Up "Fugitive Plan B"...What's Next?

With only one episode left to air for the KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Fugitive Plan B", Rain made an appearance in Yeouido on December 6th to talk about his experience and what's coming up for the world star.

He said, "Although 'Fugitive' didn't rank too high in terms of viewers' ratings, we did have a diehard fan base. It helped me to see a new side of me as a person and I think it was a drama that gradually earned the recognition of viewers. Although ratings are important, I also think the relationships formed between people and bettering yourself as a human being is important. I want to thank the producer Kwak Jeong-hwan for always greeting me with a smile and supporting me despite the various hardships that popped up during this drama. I'm thankful to Lee Na-young too for giving me strength as her opposite male co-star. She told me that if I let the negative personal issues get to me on set, I'm the one that's losing in the end. Overall, this was a project that allowed me to really look back on myself and my actions."

The filming of "Fugitive" took place while there were allegations of gambling and a significant amount of debt for the singer/actor.

As for what lays ahead for the big star Rain revealed, "The timing worked out for me to shoot one more Hollywood movie and then I'll enlist in the military towards the latter half of next year."

Source: KBS Global