[news] Park Jin Young, How did he apologize?

Singer and producer Park Jin Young apoligized.

On the 10th, Park Jin Young posted JYP Entertainment's official home page with the title 'Hello this is Park Jin Young'. Park Jin Young replied to Sidus HQ's iHQ CEO Jung Hoon Tak's tweet early in the morning that had a picture of Park Jin Young an the swear word 'S.O.B'.

Park Jin Young's apology allowed the brooding war between the two best entertainment companies' CEOs to be avoided.

Next is the text that Park Jin Young posted.

Hello. I haven't personally written something in a while.

I'm writing this with an upset and regrettable heart.

On the recording of today's TV Program, there was a question about the incident earlier in the year about a 2PM member and I avoided answering with the absolute truth, but I was able to talk about how I felt during that time.
Before I appeared as a guest on the show, I asked them to avoid talking about this incident so I was relaxed, but because they asked the question so suddenly, I think I was caught by surprise.
After the recording ended, I asked them to take out that topic, but through the people who were at the recording site, a lot of bad stories have spread.

At the end, the people were hurt because of what I said and I apologize that this has again become an issue.

I'm upset that I have to leave a message about something bad that occurred when the end of the year should end in a beautiful way. I will become more careful, and will meet everyone with good stories from now on.

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