[News] Kpop Music Industry Will Lose 2 Great Musicians For Two Years!

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Veteran singer Park Hyo-shin will be enlisting as an active-duty soldier on December 21st. He won't be alone as hip hop artist, Outsider, will also be starting up his mandatory military service.

Park's reps at Jellyfish Entertainment said that Park was very happy to have ended his remaining time before his duties with a successful tour in Korea. His last concert date was in Incheon where he was able to meet many of his fans through his stage performance.

They added that Park will return in two years time after doing his best to serve his country.
As for Outsider, he will be holding his "Radio Star" concert in Mapo of Seoul on December 10-11th. He will then spend his remaining time with his family before entering the military.

Well it seems like they will still encounter the war between S.Korea and N.Korea. Well, praying for their safety. Fans will wait for yo guys!

Source:KBS Global