[News] Kim Soo-Ro Says Lee Min-Ho Is The Most Loyal Actor

Actor Kim Soo-ro praised Lee Min-ho's loyal character.

Kim Soo-ro joined in SBS radio 'Choi Hwa-jeong's Power Time' on 29th and revealed, “Lee Min-
ho is saved as 'Our Min-ho' in my cell phone.”

Kim Soo-ro said, “He is really a good guy. When I text him, he reply ASAP. I sometimes add 'No Reply' since I don't want to pressure him too much.”When DJ Choi Hwa-jeong said, “Oh, you must like 'pretty boy' actors,” Kim Soo-ro replied, “My heart pumps stronger than usual when I see them actors. Jo In-Seong, Lee Min-ho…. I like those guys”

Source: Nate