[News] Kim Heechul Confirmed as the MC of 2010 SBS Gayo Festival

Super Junior's Kim Heechul has been confirmed to be the MC of 2010 SBS Gayo Festival

According to a rep from the variety department of SBS, Kim Heechul has been chosen as the MC of 2010 SBS Gayo Festival, scheduled to air on December 29th.

Kim Heechul will host the show with Jung Yonghwa, Jo Kwon and Hwang Jungeum who have been already confirmed to host the show. Kim Heechul and Jung Yonghwa have become the MCs of SBS Gayo Festival second year in a row.

Despite the mistakes that the first time MC, Jung Yonghwa made, Kim Heechul led the show smoothly last year.

Recently, when Kim Heechul made a special appearance on the SBS Inkigayo 600th episode special, Jung Yonghwa expressed his gratitude by saying, "thinking about last year's Gayo Festival, Kim Heechul will forever be my savior." Kim Heechul then complimented Jung Yonghwa saying, "you are doing well right now. I think you are improving your skills through Inkigayo."

Source: Star News
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM