[News] Jay Park Prays for Indonesia

Park Jae Beom, ex member of South Korean boyband 2PM, currently more known as Jay Park, scheduled Jakarta as part of his Asian tour. Jay Park's fans in Indonesia, called the Indo JWalkerz, will soon be able to meet their idol in Nusa Indah Theater Balai Kartini, South Jakarta.

Born in Edmonds, Washington on the April 25, 1987, he started his career when he auditioned for JYP Entertainment as a rapper and a b-boy. As a result, producer and talent scout Park Jin-young brought Jay Park to Korea to train, in order to improve the quality of his singing and Korean language for four years since 2004.

In 2008, Jay joined the reality show Hot Blood which promised him a spot in 2PM and succeeded. However, his career in 2PM stalled after September 4, 2009 when an online article emerged about his dislike of living in Korea while still in training.

Jay's grievances were shed in his personal Myspace account in 2005 and this raised anger among Koreans (tn: netizens). Jay was demanded to leave South Korea and to stop being a member of 2PM. Jay apologized to the Korean public, left Korea for the United States and went back to school to study music.

However, Jay's departure was not for long. On November 2009, various Jay Park videos that were involved in a reality show began to appear and rapidly spread.

Then on the March 15, 2010, Jay made a comeback through his own YouTube channel, jayparkaom. He uploaded a video of himself singing B.o.B & Bruno Mars' Nothin' on You with his own lyrics and within 24 hours, the video was clicked by 1,5 million viewers and ever since then, Jay's career rocketed, especially when he released his mini album Count on Me.

Charity Concert

Jay Park, as part of his Asian tour program will hold a mini showcase on the 6th of December 2010. The theme of his concert in Jakarta is Pray for Indonesia.

2% of Jay's concert profit will be donated to victims of natural disasters. The audience will participate in donating for the victims of natural disasters.

"The proceeds will be given to the victims of the Mount Merapi volcano eruptions," said Project Manager Astri Nugraha as the promoter who brought Jay to Jakarta. Not only talented at dancing and singing, Jay is also known as a celebrity who has high social awareness and currently holds the title of Ambassador to Korea's Disabled Athletic Association. Jay has helped the disabled with music and hip-hop dancing.

Jay Park Mini Showcase; Pray for Indonesia
Place: Nusa Indah Theater, Balai Kartini Jakarta, Time: December 6, 2010, 6:30pm, Ticket: Silver 350,000, gold 550,000, and platinum 1,350,000
Information: Extra Miles at 021-3506555

Reporter: Aries Wijaksena
Source: Media Indonesia Weekend
Taken by: Wild2Day.org