[News] IU expresses her feelings for receiving her first Mutizen in Inkigayo

In today's episode of Inkigayo, IU won the Take 7 mutizen with her 'Good Day'.
This was the first ever mutizen that she had won for her new promotion and she was really very shocked and happy.

Not long after her win, IU had a phone conversation with TV Report and expressed her feelings about winning the Take 7 Mutizen. She said “I’m still shaking, I’m so happy right now. This makes me think of all the people who helped me create this album. It feels good to think I’ve finally achieved something. This was my first time getting into the Take 7 list, and I didn’t even think I would get first next to KARA and SISTAR eonnies. I got changed out of my outfit without even thinking about anything, and for my name to suddenly get called for 1st place, I was just stunned.”

IU has been receiving a lot of praise from the general public for her high pitched notes in her performances for ‘Good Day’ and also famous for her '3 octaves singing', but unfortunately, her fans were unable to watch the singer sing in the high octaves for Inkigayo’s performance.

A representative from her agency stated, “IU wants to keep singing it, but from the company’s perspective, we felt we needed to take into consideration her physical condition as a singer, and due to her busy schedules we felt we needed to take care of her voice. She doesn’t have any problems with her voice in particular. We are still in discussions of whether she can sing her high notes again. We hope for your understanding.”

Credits: gilmong@tvreport.co.kr
Translations: IUIUIU-ians @forum