[News] Highlights from the JYP NATION 'TEAMPLAY' Concert

The most anticipated end-of-year event is here! & no, it isn’t Christmas, but it’s JYP NATION’S first ever, “TEAMPLAY” Concert! The concert was held at Seoul, Olympic Gymnastics Stadium at 7:30PM on Christmas eve!
A total of 27 songs was performed at the concert. Themed as “TEAMPLAY”, the JYP NATION artistes, Park Jinyoung (JYP), Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, San E, JOO & Lim Jeonghee mixed themselves up and formed ‘new’ groups to perform to each others’ songs. The special guests was later revealed to be Rain, Son Hoyoung & Kim Taewoo from G.O.D.
Collaboration Performances (not in any order):
  1. SAN E’s “Tasty San” – SoheeSunye, Jia(Miss A) & Fei(Miss A)
  2. Miss A’s “Breath” - Sohee, Sunye, Jia(Miss A) & Fei(Miss A)
  3. Wonder Girls’ “So Hot” - Lim, Miss A, Chansung(2PM) and SAN E
  4. Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” – Park Jinyoung, Junho(2PM), Taecyeon(2PM) & Nickhun(2PM)
  5. 2PM’s “Heartbeat” - YeeunYubinSoheeSunye, Fei(Miss A) & Jia(Miss A)
  6. 2PM’s “Without You” – YeeunYubin, Taecyeon(2PM), Chansung(2PM), Junho(2PM), Nickhun(2PM), Fei & Joo
  7. JYP’s “The House You Live In” – Yeeun, Chansung(2PM), Wooyoung(2PM) & Joo
  8. Wonder Girls’ “Nobody Rainstone Remix” – Miss A & Joo
  9. G.O.D’s “Place where you need to be”, “Lies” & “One Candle” – Son Hoyoung(G.O.D), Kim Taewoo(G.O.D), Wonder Girls & 2PM
  10. JYP’s “I have a girl” – Rain
  11. Rain’s “It’s Raining” – Rain & 2PM
  12. JYP’s “Don’t leave me” – Park Jinyoung (JYP), Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, San E, JOO & Lim Jeonghee
  13. Encore: JYP Nation’s “This Christmas” – Park Jinyoung (JYP), Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, San E, JOO & Lim Jeonghee
The Wonder Girls also got to perform to their own tracks such as “Nobody”; and “Tell Me” which was performed together with Miss A and Joo.

[Source: Nate]
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